Councilmember Lands

About Councilmember Lands

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”
-Steve Jobs

David Lands was raised in Deer Park Texas, and graduated from Deer Park High School. He is married to his wife, Carla Wallace, and has three children and two grandchildren. David lovingly includes Carla’s two daughters and five grandchildren into his family fold. In his younger days, his step-father was the Public Works Director for the City of Deer Park, where David had the opportunity to learn about many of the workings of a city, from trash pickup to planning and permitting and city council. His stepfather later left the city and became a land developer, and taught David many things about land development, from plumbing, sewer, lift stations, electrical, street grading, and concrete, to home building and swimming pool construction. David’s mother was also an entrepreneur, owning and operating the largest Christian-based daycare in Deer Park. David assisted his mother for years at the daycare in multiple aspects of the business. 

While in his 30s, he had the opportunity to go to Bolivia on a missionary trip to assist in building a church. In his early 40s, David delved into land development himself and built one of the finest mobile home parks in the area and a sub-division in Pasadena, where he named the streets after his children. David ran the mobile home park for 20 years, with great care and concern, especially toward the elderly renters that resided there. David sold the park in 2020 and began his retirement years. Along with the park ownership, while in his 50s, he worked as a senior project manager for a company located in Pasadena, Texas which manufactured proprietary critical temperature measurement systems for refineries worldwide. He was responsible for overseeing several projects at any given time, from bid quoting, through contract negotiations, project design, project manufacturing, shipping, and product installation. In this role, he had the opportunity to travel to Canada, Spain, Italy, Japan, and Israel.

David has a passion for the City of Manvel. He challenges himself to constantly ‘think outside the box’ for solutions that are all too often right in front of us. He holds himself accountable to strive to do what is right for the citizens of this town. He will always have a lending ear, a healthy conscience, and a compassionate heart, especially for those who need it most.

Councilmember David Lands was sworn into office in June 2023.