Submit an Application

We're excited you want to host a special event in the City of Manvel! Let us help you through the process of submitting your application and getting approval!

Submit an Application

Fill out the Special Event Permit Application.

The Special Event Permit Application is divided into 13 sections. We define what these sections are and which sections your event will require you to fill out below. You may also print a PDF version of this information here.

Section 1: Special Event Type and Special Event Permit Application Deadlines:

Definitions for special event types can be found on our Types of Special Events page.

  • Special Event Type A: minimum 60 calendar days prior to the event.
  • Special Event Type B: minimum 15-30 calendar days prior to the event.
  • Special Event Type C: minimum seven-10 calendar days prior to the event.

Failure to submit a completed application within the required time may result in denial of the applicant's request.

In rare cases, some Special Event Permit Applications may need to be submitted before the prescribed time periods mentioned above if determined by the City Manager. 

Section 2: Event Information 

Event information includes the event name, location, start and end dates, event start and end times, and the approximate number of persons attending.

Section 3: Applicant and Sponsoring Organization Information

Fill out all applicable fields for contact information regarding the applicant, the organization hosting the event, the event Chairperson/Contact, the Professional Event Organizer, the Contact Person “On-Site” the day of the event, and the Property Owner. Definitions for each position listed are outlined below. 

If one or more of these positions do not apply to your event, you may leave them blank. 

Position Definitions: 

  • Applicant – This may be the Chief Officer or a designated member of the sponsoring organization who has been authorized by the Chief Officer to apply for the permit to plan the event. This person must be available to work closely with the City’s Permits Department throughout the permitting process and the event.
  • Event Chairperson/Contact – This is the person from the sponsoring organization who has overall authority for the event.
  • Organization Hosting Event – This is the organization that is hosting or sponsoring the event.
  • Professional Event Organizer – The Chairperson may contract with a professional event organizer to represent the sponsoring organization. This person will be authorized to plan the event and work with the City of Manvel in implementing the plan.  A letter from the Chairperson of the organization authorizing the applicant or professional event organizer to apply for the Special Event Permit is required and must be attached as a cover letter to the submitted application.
  • Contact Person “On-Site” the day of the event – A person representing the sponsoring organization must be immediately available, on the site, with the authority over all elements of the event. This person will usually be the Applicant or the authorized Professional Event Organizer. The Contact Person should provide the City of Manvel a cellular phone number, or designate some other way to contact them during the event.
  • Property Owner – If any portion of the event will be held on private property (including parking), please provide the property owner information. PLEASE NOTE: The applicant will need to submit proof from property owner giving written permission for event use, if applicable. The applicant shall submit written permission for use of parking from property owner. Parking location(s) must be indicated on the site plan (defined in the next section including the number of spaces.

Section 4: Event Description, Route Map, and Site Plan 

An event description should be made in the form of a site plan. A site plan is a diagram that shows the area where the event is being held and any temporary equipment that is being used to stage your event. 

A site plan needs to show information such as the placement of equipment, tents, stages, existing services (such as restrooms and handwashing stations), etc. This is so you can manage the site safely and determine in the planning stages how many people can attend the event at any one time and the best location for the event’s services and equipment.

A checklist has been provided on the Special Event Permit Application that will help you build your site map. Some items on the checklist will require additional permits be obtained from the City of Manvel.

Making a Site Plan:

  • A site plan should be an overview of the area of the event. This can typically be obtained as a screenshot from Google Maps.
  • The site map should show the immediate area surrounding the event site and include the names of the main roads or streets.
  • Ideally, the layout of the plan is to scale and includes measurements of the area and its structures, but estimates can be made.
  • Use a program or engage a professional to start adding your event's infrastructure and equipment to the map to build a site plan. Programs such as PowerPoint can be useful in building a site plan.
  • Mark the location of all anticipated structures at the event. (i.e. tents, portable toilets, inflatable or bounce houses, generators, etc.) 
  • Mark any road closures.
  • Depending on the scale of your event, event contractors may be able to assist in developing the site plan. 

 If you have questions about creating a site plan, please reach out to us or by calling 281-489-0630.

Section 5: Traffic Control 

If you event will be impacting traffic as a street closure, please list the street, depict the area of the closure on your site map, and list the hours of the closure. You will also need to submit a traffic plan. Similar to a site plan, the traffic plan will be an overview of the affected area indicating road closures, how they will be blocked off (i.e. barricades, cones, etc.), and alternate routes to avoid the interruption.

 If your event is not impacting traffic, you may leave this section blank or write “N/A.”

Section 6: Membrane Structures and Tents 

If you plan on bringing or providing temporary structures such as tents or canopies at your event, you will need to fill out a Temporary Booth, Membrane Structures and Tents Permit Application. If tents exceed 200 sq/ft. (greater than 14’x14’), the Fire Marshal may reach out to schedule an inspection of the tent or structure. If your event will feature vendors or other organizations that intend to use their own temporary structures, they will be responsible for filling out a Temporary Booth, Membrane Structures and Tents Permit Application for their booth. 

Tents exceeding 200 sq/ft. will also need to be flame retardant and have a 2A10BC fire extinguisher (more information on fire extinguishers can be found in the Fire Protection Reference Information for Mobile Food Units and Special Events).

On the Special Event Permit Application, you will be asked to share the dimensions of your tent, the quantity, and to mark the locations of these temporary structures on the site plan. PLEASE NOTE: The placement of membrane structures must not interfere with fire lane, fire break, fire hydrants, or exit access for any proximate structures.

Section 7: Generators and Fences 

Generators: In the Special Event Permit Application, indicate YES or NO if generators will be used at your event. If YES, please list the size or type, the number of generators that will be on the site and mark their location on your site map. Generators must be 10’ from any tent or structure and have its own 2A20BC fire extinguisher.

If your event will not have generators on site, you may leave this section blank or write “N/A.”

Fencing: The location(s) and/or positioning of fencing at the event must be marked on your site plan. 

NOTE: Depending on the nature of the event, additional Fire Marshal requirements, inspections, or permits may be required. We will contact you after the submittal of your Special Event Permit Application if your event triggers the need for additional inspections or permits. Otherwise, the City of Manvel only requires fence locations to be marked on the site plan.

Section 8: Temporary Food Establishments, Mobile Food Units and Alcohol

Food and Beverages, Temporary Food Establishments, and Mobile Food Units: 

Indicate YES or NO on the Special Event Application if food and/or beverages will be served at your event.

If NO, you may leave this section blank.

If YES, indicate YES or NO if Mobile Food Units (Food Trucks) and/or Temporary Food Establishments (Vendor Booths) will be used. 

If YES to either of these questions, please list Mobile Food Units and/or Temporary Food Establishments that will be at your event. If you do not yet have this information, you may leave that section blank and staff will contact you at a later date to verify what food vendors will be at your event. 

NOTE: Mobile Food Units must be registered with the City of Manvel. If they are not registered, they will need to fill out the Mobile Food Unit Permit Packet and submit to an inspection before the date of the event. You can also view the current list of Licensed Mobile Food Units (PDF) in Manvel. Temporary Food Establishments (Vendor Booths) must submit a Temporary Health Permit Application before the date of the event. Applicants CANNOT submit permit applications on behalf of a Mobile Food Unit or Temporary Food Establishment that they do not own.


Indicate SOLD (by you or your organization), ALLOWED (“BYOB”), or ALCOHOL NOT PERMITTED on the Special Event Application if alcohol will be sold or allowed at your event.

If ALCOHOL NOT PERMITTED, you may continue with the application.

If ALLOWED (“BYOB”), you may continue with the application.  

If SOLD (by you or your organization), you will need to provide a copy of your or your organization’s TABC permit. 

Section 9: Bicycle, Running or Walking Marathons and Parades

Indicate on the Special Event Permit Application if your event is a BICYCLE, RUN, WALK, or PARADE. 

 If you mark any of the boxes, please continue filling out this section of the application. 

 If none of these event types apply to your event, you may leave this section blank.

Section 10: Signs

If signs will be used in conjunction with your event, either on-site the day of your event or prior to the event as promotional/advertising materials, please indicate the sign type, size, and locations. 

Signage must also be indicated on the event site plan and adhere to the City of Manvel sign ordinance and a separate Sign Application Permit must be obtained and approved.

If your event will not require signage, you may leave this section blank or write “N/A.” 

Section 11: Amusement Rides, Bounce Houses, and Non-Domesticated Animals 

Amusement Rides and Bounce Houses:

Indicate YES or NO on the Special Event Permit Application if Amusement Rides or Bounce Houses will be used in conjunction with your event. 

 If NO, you may continue with the application.

 If YES, the location(s) must be indicated on your site plan, and Proof of insurance must be provided no later than 10 business days prior to the event. 

NOTE: Rides and/or attractions associated at special events must conform with the statutory rules and regulations set forth in the Texas Department of Insurance that references Texas Administrative Code, 28 TAC, Chapter Five, Subchapter J, Rules to Implement the Amusement Ride Safety Inspection and Insurance Act 5.9001 through 5.9014.

Non-Domesticated Animals: 

Indicate YES or NO on the Special Event Permit Application if animals (other than pets on a leash) will be present in conjunction with your event. 

If NO, you may continue with the application.

If YES, the location(s) must be indicated on your site plan and a hand washing station must be present and indicated on your site plan for permit approval.

Section 12: Toilet Facilities and Sanitation/Waste Disposal

Toilet Facilities:

An event organizer must supply a sufficient number of portable toilets to meet the needs of their attendees at peak hours. As a general guideline, the organizer should arrange for 1 toilet per 50 people or use a recommendation from a portable facility provider based on the number of attendees, event duration, and alcohol service.

 Indicate YES, or NO on the Special Event Permit Application if your event will provide portable toilets.  

If YES, please note how many and mark the location(s) on your site plan. 

If NO, please explain in the space provided below the question. A reason for a NO answer may be that the event location already has toilets available that will meet the need of participants. 

Sanitation/Waste Disposal:

You must properly dispose of waste and garbage throughout the term of your event and immediately upon conclusion of the event the area must be returned to a clean condition.

Indicate in the space provided on the Special Event Permit Application how sanitation and waste disposal will be handled at your event. 

Section 13: Review and Submission

After completing the Special Event Permit Application, please review your answers and ensure they are correct to the best of your knowledge. Once you have finished filling out the application, please provide your signature and the date of application submittal on the indicated lines.

Applications can be submitted in person at 20025 HWY 6, emailed to or faxed to 281-489-0634.

Before submitting an application, review our Special Event Questionnaire and the definitions of Type A, Type B, and Type C events.

Final Notes

Details of the event are required as stated in the Special Event Permit Application. Requests for dates or times that conflict with previously approved events will not be considered; however, the organizer may revise the request to apply for a different date or time.

Conditions for granting application; approval or denial of application:

  • Public interest. The city shall not grant the permit required in this Article if the city finds that granting the permit will be contrary to the public interest. The city reserves the right to deny any application that may be inconsistent with the city's goals of promoting family activities.
  • Payment of all required city services and all permit fees are due and payable at the time application is submitted.
  • The city reserves the right to approve or disapprove one or more elements of the proposed special event.
  • The city’s decision is final and not appealable.

Miscellaneous provisions: 

  • Cleaning. All costs for clean-up during and after the special event are the responsibility of the applicant. If the applicant fails to clean, the City shall invoice the applicant the cost incurred by the City to clean and remove any debris as a result of the special event.
  • Sanitation. The applicant is responsible for sanitation for the event as provided for in the application.

Other fees and permits: 

  • Applicants’ organizers must secure and maintain at their cost, all licenses, permits or other authorizations necessary to conduct the special event and the city must be provided a copy of all such required licenses, permits or authorizations no later than fifteen (15) days prior to the beginning of the special event. Additional fees may include, but not be limited to, temporary licenses to use city right-of-ways; payment of parking meter fees, or costs of bagging parking meters; payment for delivery or set-up of traffic barricades.
  • Any use of the city rights-of-way will require a city-approved traffic control plan. Any costs involved in the development of this plan are the responsibility of the applicant.
  • An applicant applying for a seller’s permit to sell food or beverages must indicate Manvel as the origin of sales.
  • The sale or furnishing of alcoholic beverages will require an additional permit from the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission, and is allowed only in areas where consumption is permitted by the City Code.

The provisions of this Section shall apply regardless of whether the applicant or the event is a profit or nonprofit organization.